Adam Reeves


Quick experiments using the current brand elements I have to put together a poster for each of the zones individually to see how they look. This is helping me see how the brand as a whole is coming together. I think each area is looking quite ‘bonkers’ in its own so so far so good. Cloud 4 just needs expansing now and giving a lot of attention to.

I also like how each of the zones seems to naturally fit with the logo. Perhaps each section of the logo could expand with the one it’s advertising? Even without, the link of the zone to the section of the logo is quite apparent and obvious. Which makes the logo appear to make perfect sense and symbolic meaning.

And of course the posters and leaflets don’t have to be (and probably shouldn’t be) A3/A4/standard paper sizes etc.

Early stages of poster/leaflet ideas for Division, but it shows how the whole brand and nmp comes together as a whole at the end results. I kind of want to achieve something that doesn’t look like your typical nightclub poster, but at the same time needs to still capture the exciting nightclub vibe that it needs to.

Will also do more development into the typography and the wording on it. I want to portray a certain tone with the voice it speaks in, adding stuff in like a wink face ;) could be a good way to bring a contemporary fun and friendly feel that would speak even more to students.

Looking through some fonts to see how they look for the DIVISION logo typography.

So it’s just been pointed out that my logo looks a little like pepsi, and now that’s playing on my mind when I see it. So using a different shaped division line and tilting it a bit seems to have made a massive difference. It’s the slightest things which spark familiarity with other logos.

Going with the idea of the 616 logo being placed over demon’s faces as a brand image, I think the concept works great, it’s simple, memorable, engaging, and brings the demons and the zone to life. It also reminds me a bit of something Disclosure do, a house/electronic music duo, it’s appropriate and works well and effective for them.

More face demonising for the branding of 616, the bad luck demonic zone. I’m noticing it can be hard to actually morph a face into the properly sinister and angry expression that I want. I will experiment with more expressions and more effects I can achieve with photoshop. I do like how the 616 logo sits on the demon’s eyes like that and think it has a really good effect and fun vibe which I still needed.

Playing around with the logo and pattern of symbols I’ve come up with and seeing if I stumble across any interesting visuals, possibly for posters/leaflets.

Whilst a big part of me likes the simplistic circle split into the 4 zone keys, I feel it’s possibly just a little too ‘corporate’ ‘business’ ‘clean’ looking for this type of brand, and it needs a little ‘nightclub’ element in there, even if it’s subtle. Experimenting with rough effects, the warp tool, brush strokes and putting the logo on a slight angle and I think it’s looking miles more the part now.

Further experimenting with the antidote poster. Whilst it does look rather interesting and intriguing to have just the syringe outlines and the “£1”, nobody would know what to order at the bar, and people’s constant enquiries would slow down bar time. I think “Antidote?” with a question marks works effectively, it’s kind of asking if you want it, and telling you how much it is, which would make most people too curious not to get one.

Although now I think I need to stop and consider the theme again, are my designs too clean looking for VF-1? 

Playing around with the symbols for each zone, trying to create some sort of pattern which I could use on a poster or flyer etc.

Some logos which I like the visual style of and think are appropriate and inspirational to the style of logo I need for Division.

Been looking at ways to brand the nightclub as a whole. Since the zones inside are heavily themed, I thought it’d be best to have the branding for the whole place looking rather simplistic, a bit of a blank canvas to represent the zones inside. After lots of sketchbook ideas and experiments, I came up with the idea of a simple (or maybe not so simple) mark that shows nothing apart from the zones inside. With a section that’s like a ‘key’ for its zone inside (i.e. the brand’s colour/pattern etc.)

(I have decided to drop the bank vault zone, due to time and the fact I was always least inspired by this zone, leaving Experiment 25, 616, VF-1 and Cloud 4 (formerly Cloud 5))

Since it’s a nightclub, it needs to have that vibe in the logo, it doesn’t want to look corporate, it wants to look loud, exciting, and energetic.

As for the name, I initially toyed with names such as 4, four, 1/4, 4/4, number 4, quad, quarter, 4 quarters, 4th (a play on the popular student nightclub “5th”), but it was suggested to have not necessarily a number (like the names of all the zones inside) but something very simple and possibly related, this is where I came up with Decimal, Fraction, Integer, and Division.

After experimenting with some different shapes ideas for the VF-1 antidote promotion, I still quite feel like a rectangular shape just works best for this particular zone, it brings the serious and important sense back, which I want to be there slightly, not as serious-toned as 616, but more seriously toned than Cloud 5.

As I was experimenting in Illustrator I realised where I was going wrong, I need to remember what kind of tone and personality this zone wants to portray and make sure that comes through properly in my visuals. I wanted a more serious voice for this zone, and it was looking much more playful than I wanted it to.

I’ve looked at a sharper syringe shape graphic and more serious and sharp-angled type and I think they are beginning to get much more on the right track. I also need to remember the posters don’t necessarily need to be rectangular shaped and they definitely don’t need to be A3/A2/any standard paper size

Some initial experimenting with the poster for the promotional product in VF-1, a syringe shot which could be an antidote for VF-1, when really it’s just a shot of tequila. I’m not feeling any of this at the moment, it kind of reminds me of some sort of “cure” for wrinkles or something boots would sell.