Adam Reeves

May 9

NMP Evaluation - Division

I’ve always been looking forward to my NMP, the idea of having several weeks to create anything I want and the ability to make my vision of something a reality. I always liked the idea of branding something quite big with different sections and themes, such as a theme park or a zoo. I branded a theme park for my high school graphic design project and a zoo for my college FMP and really enjoyed them. During my time at university socialising in bars and nightclubs, I never particularly stopped and considered the branding of these establishments, which is probably because they aren’t particularly solid or interesting enough, so I wanted to change this. I always found the line of bars on Deansgate Locks interesting in terms of branding; how differently themed bars sit nicely together yet contrast each other massively. My original idea for my NMP was to ‘rebrand Deansgate Locks’, branding a set of different and interestingly themed bars which could replace the ones there currently. After ideas generation, it was suggested that I create a whole new place of my own and brand a set of themed bars inside it; I liked this idea and was suddenly flooded with inspiration. It made me think of Factory and Tiger Tiger, bars in Manchester I’ve been to which utilise clear separation between areas and music styles. After lots and lots and lots of idea generating and developing, I went from the impractical idea of branding a building which exhibits zones dedicated to different types of people (such old-aged wine drinkers/young adult ravers/goth clubs) to an establishment aimed at one student-based target audience that houses a few different zones with interesting and weird themes inside. Inspiration came from video games such as The Sims, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Sonic the Hedgehog etc. because these have strong elements based around different themes, zones, ‘types’, I liked this idea and wanted to develop it further. After massive amounts of zone ‘type’ and theme generation, I narrowed it down to a few. Developing each of them further, I landed on a handful of strong themes with interesting stories to them. I ended up deciding to drop a high-tec bank vault zone out of the final mix, it was inspiring me the least and it felt like a filler, which left me with the nice number of 4 zones. The scientific formula for alcohol C2H5OH helped me get the name of Experiment 25 for a science lab themed zone. Inventing the idea of ‘Vodka Flu’ and making it sound like a virus, I came up with the name ‘VF-1’, being an abbreviation. I noticed a number theme developing. Discovering the original number of the devil could actually be 616 helped me get the name for a demonically possessed, superstitious, bad luck surrounded zone called 616, which added to the number theme even further. And the last zone, wanting to create an opposite to 616, a happy zone, I played on the phrase Cloud 9 to get the name Cloud 4 (4 because there’s 4 zones, originally Cloud 5 before dropping the bank vault zone idea), to keep the number theme going. To make the zones different from a typical nightclub, I developed unique drinks and USPs for each zone like antidotes for VF-1 and wishbone pulling for 616. This also led me to the idea of unique items at entry to each zone such as lab badges and infected patient wristbands. After presenting my NMP concept mid-way through, someone’s comment of “this is bonkers, I love it” made me realise that it is bonkers, in a great way, and I wanted to embrace this and make it a ‘different kind of nightclub’, and inspired me to use the slogan ‘the slightly bonkers nightclub ;)’ which involved winky faces to create a fun, student- familiar time of voice to the brand. It looks like something one student would text to another. After playing with different ideas for the club as a whole such as a landed UFO or a hidden temple, I decided on a simplistic blank canvas feel, allowing the zones to come to life and to be the main focus of it. After name generation, I ended up calling it ‘Division’, it’s simple, describes the place’s concept, and the logo uses the simple primary colours of each zone’s branding on a wheel to create a simple logo which serves a purpose, as well as being appealing. I’m very pleased with the end results; I feel each logo tells the story of the zone’s theme whilst being an attractive stamp with the right exciting club vibe. The physical items I made (such as the wristbands/badges/antidote) make a great way to bring the concept to life. My only regret is not giving myself enough time to explore an animation side more deeply. I experimented with a few animations and really enjoyed it. I should have spent less time thinking about the way the club would work in the real world and more time creating animations and bringing the visuals to motion. However I think the final result deliver a fun, clear, ‘bonkers’ representation of the vision I had in my head for my NMP and I’m very happy with how it’s all tied together and turned out.

May 8

Boards 7-12 of NMP.

Boards 1-6 of NMP.

Reconsidering the wording of the wishbone poster. I want something that is clear and explains everything, but continues the tone of voice of 616, something a bit sinister and unfriendly, but tempting and challenging. I’ve also changed the concept to something better, more engaging, and even more evil, if you win you can pick a drink, meaning it’s a bargain cheap drink, but if you lose then the bartender makes you a shot, which could seem like a waste of £1 to not drink, but it definitely would not be pleasant.

Some last minute composition tests before I save my final one.

May 7

As for the type, I wanted to think about this carefully, I want it to be different from your usual nightclub. The usual “FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT!” with ‘until midnight’ in small print and “FREE SHOT!” above ‘with every £10 pitcher’ is a no for division. It wants to speak confidently, friendly, and not trick you or try to false advertise you. Which means I don’t really want to have “FREE ENTRY TO ALL ZONES” and ‘£4 entry overall’ platered on the front of its advertisements. Instead, a simple slogan like ‘The slightly bonkers nightclub ;)’ will be used as its USP to pull people in.

Been making physical creations of the final NMP products. I’m happy with how everything is looking and it’s great to see my vision and imagination becoming real and physical.

Experiment 25: lab badges
616: glasses
VF-1: infected patient wristbands
Cloud 4: enchanted rings

Each item is acquired at each zone’s door, entrance £1, item must be worn to enter, meaning you must wear your 616 glasses to walk under the ladder and cracked mirrors to enter 616, this backs up the slogan “the slightly bonkers nightclub ;)”

Created social network links for Division. Division can be liked on facebook and followed on twitter, keeping it up to date with modern social networking and the websites students heavily use. I’ve invented @divisionmcr and #divisionmcr to go on leaflets/flyers/etc. since ‘divisionmanchester’ was too long for a twitter username. I’ve also made a few posts on these social networks to show how they would post and the down-to-earth/student-friendly tone they would speak in.

May 6

Since each zone is having a unique entry item (infected wristband for VF-1, 616 glasses for 616, enchanted ring for Cloud 4), Experiment 25’s is a badge, like a lab badge, going well with the theme.

I considered the idea of each badge being unique, perhaps involving a unique name or element. I played with the idea of having a random drink on each, which acts as your free token that free drink. I turned against this when I realised it wouldn’t work. The free drink token would only be acceptable once, but the badge would stay with you as it’s your token to say you’ve payed into Experiment 25. It would also cause hell, people would hang around swapping, maybe even stealing, asking bouncers to change it if they didn’t like what they got, especially if some badges only entitled you to water when your friend just got a free vodka redbull. The fun concept turns out not to be a particularly fun or fair game at all.

So instead I think I’m going to go with ‘C2H5OH my god’, something I’ve always liked since the very beginning of this project, but never got applied to anything. It’s basically the formula for alcohol (where the 25 came from), and uses the ‘OH’ at the end as the start of an ‘OH MY GOD’, simply for humour and character. I also liked the idea of having different variations such as ‘OH MY VODKA’ and ‘OH MY TEQUILA’, but nobody else seems to get it or like it, as with ‘OH MY GOD’, however the idea of the brand of Division is to be strange, random, and ‘bonkers’.

But then again, it looks a bit like it’s saying it is your sambuca…and is confusing, so I changed it to simple and understandable ‘oh hello!’s and ‘oh my gosh’s, which add as quirky character elements.

Been doing some more visual experiments with the Division brand

Whilst doing some design ideas for Experiment 25’s poster, I realised I’m slipping into a bad mode and just going with the obvious and following my inspiration. With my immediate graphic ideas looking very similar to Baa Bar’s, I asked myself, do I actually need a graphic of the drink? I’m just going with the obvious.

May 5

Making a couple of little tweaks to the logos, changing the shape of Cloud 4 to a circle to represent a crystal ball, luck, magic, and because it was pointed out it reminds people of a flower. Putting the colour dividing line on the 25 in Experiment 25 adds a subtle element, looks more interesting and looks a bit like something is pouring out of the beaker shape. It looks more ‘bar’-ey. I also considered a tilt of the shape, but decided to stay with the original, it just had that something about it.

May 1

Experimenting with an aimation idea for 616. The flickering of the 616 against the waving transparency of the demon’s face creates an interesting effect, looking a bit like a strobe light and brings an illusional effect of the demon’s face to the eye. I could experiment with different effects and how it would look on a background of many demon faces, which could each fade in and out of view.

The flickering of the 616 could also be made to be in sync with music playing in the club.

A second animation idea for VF-1 which includes warning signs and “THIS CLUB IS UNDER QUARANTINE”. It also includes flickering effects which represent the malfunction/infection of the whole zone, including the screens/animation, which adds to the theme nicely.

First little experiment with a VF-1 animation idea. Basically just a loop that could be displayed on screens as an ambient animation to the brand and a little way to give the logo life and reflect the theme. The idea goes off the cell (the logo) spreading/multiplying like virus cells, then being wiped clean, then continuing to grow, and works as a loop. A lot of improvement is needed, the screen effect background would need to be applied and I think the wipe-laser-thing looks pretty rubbish atm.