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After experimenting with some different shapes ideas for the VF-1 antidote promotion, I still quite feel like a rectangular shape just works best for this particular zone, it brings the serious and important sense back, which I want to be there slightly, not as serious-toned as 616, but more seriously toned than Cloud 5.

As I was experimenting in Illustrator I realised where I was going wrong, I need to remember what kind of tone and personality this zone wants to portray and make sure that comes through properly in my visuals. I wanted a more serious voice for this zone, and it was looking much more playful than I wanted it to.

I’ve looked at a sharper syringe shape graphic and more serious and sharp-angled type and I think they are beginning to get much more on the right track. I also need to remember the posters don’t necessarily need to be rectangular shaped and they definitely don’t need to be A3/A2/any standard paper size

Some initial experimenting with the poster for the promotional product in VF-1, a syringe shot which could be an antidote for VF-1, when really it’s just a shot of tequila. I’m not feeling any of this at the moment, it kind of reminds me of some sort of “cure” for wrinkles or something boots would sell.

Experimenting with the idea of a wristband upon entry to this zone. The idea is that the wristband declares your infection of VF-1, becoming a marketing campaign to say you’ve been to this club. I’m also experimenting with the way it’s worded and maybe giving it a trendy student-like lingo (like ‘OMG’ or with common emoticon faces), the positive twist on the otherwise negative-seeming statement makes it interesting, curious, and would be a nice little touch when you receive your wristband and read what it says.

More visual experiments for VF-1.

Doing some visual experiments with the branding of VF-1.

Trying to create the effect that VF-1 was already a club, before it was infected and put under quarantine. So I’m trying to create the impression that the previous branding is there but has now been covered and plastered with the new quarantine branding. I also want to make it look as though the old brand had died, meaning it wont be so brilliant or bright and won’t clash, letting the new quarantine branding naturally take over.

So it’s almost as if the brand has ‘come alive’ because of the quarantine, making the Vodka Flu infection seem glamorous.

I’ve always loved these lego posters, they’re a really clever way of reflecting how the toy is seen in people’s imagination, it really captures children’s imagination and inspiration.

Doing a little research into virus types since I’m going to be incorporating elements of it into the visual branding of the VF-1 zone, theres are pretty much 3 main distinguishable shapes. After doing some experiments based on both types, even though I’m quite liking how some of the bottom ones are looking, I think the spherical type definitely works best as a logo, is much more familiar and recognised, and has much more design potential. And the bottom ones are tending to look a bit like people.

More graphical VF-1 zone inspiration I’ve found online. 

Accidentally discovered an interesting effect by selecting random parts of the page and selecting the ‘delete > content aware’ option. The effects it gives are perfect for the quarantine zone. It shows the destruction of the club’s original branding and the multiplying effect could represent the multiplying of the cells of the VF-1 virus.

I’ve noticed band logos commonly have a design to them which I find to be inspiring me for this NMP, they have the same kind of tone, they want to look exciting, have a more crazy, playful, silly and loud feel, and use more experimental typography, which is more appropriate for my nightclub branding, as opposed to a serious and more plain corporate branding.

Slides from my NMP progress presentation yesterday in Media City. Comments were relatively positive in that people thought my idea was “bonkers” and “crazy” (in a good way), and a clear majority favourite zone was VF-1 and Experiment 25, which makes perfect sense as these are the zones I’ve spent the longest time on. To avoid some zones being more obviously neglected than other it was suggested that I only focus on one at a time and get one out of the way before the other. It was suggested that I have possibly given myself too much to do and that I should maybe drop a couple of zones or just do one of them. I definitely don’t want to just do one, but dropping one or two may have to happen if I run out of time.

It was also suggested that I could link the zones into some sort of story, which i did consider incorporating before. I discussed whether it would possibly be unnecessary since people at a club will mostly just want to be drunk and not care, but they said I should be aiming to do something different, not just ‘a normal club’. Feeling inspired I now need to focus on creating visual outcomes (as opposed to worrying too much about the practical side of it)!

Other comments to think about are how it was said that I’m basically branding a theme park with booze, and that I need to focus on the idea of making it a ‘different kind of’ nightclub experience.

ProCon 3 Evaluation and bullets

ProCon 3 Motion evaluation:

This project was split into two parts, one side was to create some 1 second animations, sandwiched between a start and end slate. The second half was to create 3 stings for bar shorts. I found the 1 second animations concept very interesting. I enjoyed the challenge of having to find a way to portray something in just 1 second and making sure it works and is gettable and engaging in that short space of time. I began brainstorming ideas, I wanted to come up with ideas that bring a sense of humour and contradict what you think the animation is going to be after the start slate. I am pleased with my final animations, Jaws being my favourite, which made everyone that I showed chuckle. I think I could have experimented with more experimental visual styles for the start and end slates though, but O just wanted to keep them basic, simple, and legible. For the stings, which are 5 seconds long, I needed something that links them together and gives them a story behind them. The idea I finally went with is paranormal monsters etc. that can't be caught on camera but have been claimed to be seen such as aliens and Bigfoot. It is in a way mocking the stories of the monsters and showing how they could have been mistaken for something normal. I had a lot of fun learning how to use after effects better, experimenting with the visual style of the animations, creating the setting and the creatures, controlling how things move and finding what sounds to put in. I am very happy with my final stings, I think they link together nicely, look like a set, explain themselves clearly and effectively and are engaging and memorable. My favourite one being the Loch Ness monster.

Bullet points:

ProCon projects:
• Full Secs: 1 second animations sandwiched between a start slate and an end slate
• Bar Shorts: 5 second stings with a narrative, clear theme and consistent style

Other projects:
• Dissertation writing: how can the rebrand of a corporate image correct an incorrectly portrayed desired tone of voice
• Dissertation visual side (50/50): rebranded carpet right to make it speak with a more appropriate tone of voice to make it match the personality that it wants to give off
• Got a 2:1 for my dissertation
• Destination branding - brand a destination and make it a desirable place to go to: Area 51
• YCN/D&AD: created a marketing campaign for Effect Energy drink focusing on mental stimulation for students as opposed to physical stimulation
• NMP: branding and marketing a student-targeted nightclub with five differently themed zones inside
• Created a rebrand concept for The Broughton Trust

Outside projects:
• Little India's Floral Designs: created a logo and Facebook page banner for florist/flower arranger
• Katie Louise Wedding Planner: creating a brand identity, logo, and website for wedding planner (ongoing, been put on hold)
• Creating a book cover for The Empty World (ongoing, been put on hold)
• Rebranded/revised the previous logo I designed for Several Sided Sid

• iPad training/app design with Jules
• talk
• Creative Spark talk
• University of Salford photography exhibition at The Corn Exchange, Manchester
• Visited The Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, to visit a germ exhibition for inspiration and research for the quarantine themed zone of my nightclub NMP
• Attended the employability day at Media City
• Presented my rebrand concept of The Broughton Trust to The Broughton Trust team
• AfterEffects classes with Gary Peploe
• Presented NMP progress to class

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• Behance:
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• Twitter: @reevesgraphics
• Facebook: (page being built)
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Hit The Town:

Bar Shorts

Loch Ness Monster:



Apr 9

More Cloud 5 logo experimenting. Trying different combinations of colour, taking posters I’ve found and copying the colours from them to see how they would look when applied to my logo. I’ve found that they’re all much duller than the bright colours I’ve been selecting, so maybe I’m picking much too bright colours which look worse at portraying a vibrant theme and end up just making it look tacky.